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NY Obscura Society Cinema Club: The Land and Gasper & Son

The NY Obscura Society Cinema Club celebrates its formation with the screening of two documentaries about unusual realities of the contemporary world. Join both filmmakers for Q & A after the film.

The New York Obscura Society invites you to join the newly-formed Obscura Cinema Club, a new series dedicated to presenting ongoing screenings of fascinating, informative, and entertaining films of the strange and unusual variety. Join fellow cinephiles and Obscura Society members for monthly explorations into documentarian, archival, and cult classic films.

Our premiere event invites Obscura Society members to join filmmakers for a screening of two short documentaries that each dive into the reality of a unique world to explore the boundaries of work, play, and changing cultural tides. View both documentaries in Videology's micro-cinema, a state-of-the-art screening room with a focused, intimate atmosphere and full food and beverage service. Filmmakers Erin Davis (The Land) and Hannah Jayanti (Gasper & Son) will join audience members for Q &A, discussion, and drinks after the films.

About The Land:

“The Land is a short documentary film about the nature of play, risk and hazard set in The Land, a Welsh ‘adventure’ playground.  At The Land children climb trees, light fires and use hammers and nails in a play-space rooted in the belief that kids are empowered when they learn to manage risks on their own.”


About Gasper & Son:

“Gasper & Son is a short independently produced documentary about the dying art of neon sign making told by father Gasper and his son Robbie, who is carrying on the craft against the backdrop of a well loved but often unforgiving NYC. Decade after decade, through thick and thin, this business has become their life’s work because they’ve put so much of themselves into it. With only a handful of neon sign makers left in the US, Robbie’s kind is rare, but his struggle as a small business owner in an increasingly difficult economy is not. What he carries on is more than a skilled craft, it’s an important family tradition.”

Gasper & Son was named Best Documentary Short at the 2015 Queens World Film Festival.



Monday, October 19th at 7pm

Videology Bar & Cinema

308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Questions? Email rebecca.posner@atlasobscura.com