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Cinemyth Film Series: 'Easy Rider' and the Search for Freedom

Cruise through the mythic landscape of 1969 for the 50th anniversary of Dennis Hopper's legendary revisionist western.

Fifty years ago, actor and director Dennis Hopper introduced the world of cinema to one of the most innovative films of the 20th century, a reimagining of the ever-popular western genre that replaced horses with motorcycles, cowboy ballads with contemporary rock 'n' roll, and John Wayne with Jack Nicholson. Easy Rider catapulted the genre in a radically different direction, capturing the changing American myth at the close of the 1960s and influencing every filmmaker who came after its 1969 release.

Join Atlas Obscura for another installment of the Cinemyth Film Series at the Philosophical Research Society, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the game-changing film Easy Rider and exploring the mythology behind revisionist westerns. Field Agent and former assistant to the director of the Dennis Hopper Art Trust Devon Deimler will host the discussion and screening of the 1969 film that changed the course of Hollywood filmmaking with its unique perspective on the classic western fare. You’ll enjoy a complimentary bag of popcorn for the viewing in the PRS auditorium, and after a brief intermission, Devon will lead an inclusive exploration of the film’s mythic motifs and its commentary on America’s treatment of the sacred over the last two centuries. 

The Cinemyth Film Series is a monthly screening event exploring the role of myth in independent and cult cinema, as well as less-exposed mythic aspects of popular films. We’ll see how each film engages ancient or prevailing cultural mythologies and even creates new myths in its own right. Each screening is a curated event featuring a select film and a short presentation by a mythologist or mythically-inclined cinephile, followed by open discussion with the audience.


  • This film is rated R. Anyone under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Arrive early to secure parking and take your seat. This event begins promptly at 6 p.m.
  • PRS is located at the corner of Los Feliz and Griffith Park boulevards. Parking spaces are limited, as is nearby street parking. Please read signs carefully and park at your own discretion.
  • The Philosophical Research Society graciously extends their BYOB policy to this event. Please be mindful of your intake and dispose of all used containers!
  • A bag of popcorn is included with your ticket, and PRS will be selling candy, soda, and other movie snacks on site.


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