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Chicago, IL

Obscura Society IL: Comedy Obscura, Episode 1: Mimes

Chicago's Best Comedians Present the History of Comedy

This is the first installment of a series where Chicago comedians Nicky Martin and Charlie Vergos showcase the best and weirdest comedic performers in Chicago, with each show curated around a different theme. With Chicago once being the home of great silent performers such as Harpo Marx and Charlie Chaplin, this month, Comedy Obscura will explore the wide curious world of silent performance. Come join us for a line up of lip-syncing dragqueens to Michigan Avenue statues to actual mimes and a lot of silliness in between. This is going to be real fun.

Adventure Notes

Is there an age limit? This event 21+

Is my ticket refundable? No, sorry kids, no money back on this purchase but you can transfer it by following this handy Eventbrite tutorial.

This tour will be hosted by Field Agent Charlie Vergos, a Chicago-based comedian with an abundance of curiosity and a short attention span. Though originally from Memphis, his series of day jobs as an architectural tour guide, double decker bus tour guide, deep dish pizza waiter, and graphics assistant at the Onion have given him a knowledge and understanding of Chicago that rivals most locals. He also has a lifetime watermelon eating contest record of 3-0-0. Charlie performs regularly all over the city and has been featured at the Laughing Skull Festival, Zanie's, the Paper Machete, Hell Yes Fest, the Memphis Comedy Festival, and the Crossroads Comedy Festival, among others. You can follow him on twitter at @CharlieVergos.

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