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Cabery, Illinois

Cosmic Cornfields

Immerse yourself in a world of ancient aliens, esoteric thought, and sustainability—all in the Illinois heartland.

Bermuda has its triangle, New Mexico has Roswell, and Illinois has the greater Stelle and Kempton area.

Join Atlas Obscura for a mini-road trip uncovering the secrets hiding amongst the cornfields of these two tiny, midwestern communities. First, you'll explore the unique streets and solar-powered homes of Stelle, Illinois (population: 110). You'll see the cutting-edge work residents are doing in areas of sustainable living and permaculture and hear how the town evolved from a closed group preparing for worldwide disaster to an open community working toward a sustainable future.

After the tour of Stelle and a light lunch, you'll drive 3 miles to the town of Kempton, Illinois. From its ancient mystical mound, odd atmospheric events, and Bigfoot sightings, Kempton is a beacon for the strange. We'll learn all about it inside Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, owned by David Hatcher Childress of "Ancient Aliens" fame. As you wander the shelves, David will be on hand to answer your questions about the lost civilization of Mu, Bigfoot, Mothman, and any other paranormal, supernatural, or extraterrestrial events.

Additional Details

  • Field Agent Matt Holmes will meet you at Stelle Community Center, 127 Sun Street, Cabery, Illinois.
  • Lunch will be served at Stelle.
  • You will need a vehicle to get to and move between the towns of Stelle and Kempton.
  • This event runs rain or shine.
  • This event is family-friendly. 
  • The ticket is non-refundable, but you can transfer your purchase by following this Eventbrite tutorial.


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