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Mason City, IL

Danger Circus Company at the Arlee Theater

Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear when men risked their lives for your entertainment.

In the days before TV, the local theater provided our main entertainment. Danger Circus at the Arlee is a charming return to the the days where the action was on stage.

This 1936 Art Deco movie palace was built by Roy Garner, star of Robert Ripley's "Odditorium" in Chicago. He could play eight instruments at once. He was also a carpenter, and in Mason City Illinois, he built a garage with a strange property: it had perfect acoustics. 

In 1936, theater owners Art and Leah Struck purchased the property and converted it into a art deco movie palace. For over sixty years, the Arlee (ARt and LEeah) entertained the community with films and live performances. The interior was so lavish that refreshments were prohibited—until the accountant pointed out the obvious disadvantage to this strategy.

In 2000, the theater closed, but was saved by concerned local citizens. It is now open once more and being restored to its former glory. Part of that renovation includes the return of live entertainment, and we're pleased to present Danger Circus in this quintessential "Main Street USA" venue.

The Danger Circus Company will demonstrate acts of daring-do that may make you cringe, but will certainly make you smile. You'll see glass walking, knife juggling, dangerous escapes, and their unique blend of illusion and sketch comedy. They do these things so you don't have to.


  • Some acts and exhibits are not for the squeamish
  • Event is open for children 10 and up
  • Photo opportunities before and after the show


 August 29, 2015
 There is a special 45 minute preview matinee at 2:00PM. No online sales, just pay $3 at the door.

 Main Show: 7:00PM. Doors open at 6:30
  Arlee Theater
  139 S. Main Street
  Mason City, IL 62664