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Elkin, North Carolina

Inside the Elkin Cabinet of Curiosity

Join us for a special visit to a private and carefully curated wunderkammer!

Join us on Obscura Day at the home of Anne and Paul Gulley of Elkin, North Carolina, who have transformed their library into a wunderkammer, complete with an alligator hanging from the ceiling. The Gulleys have welcomed hundreds to the Cabinet over the years and have participated in Obscura Day since its inception.

After reading Lawrence Weschler’s Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder and realizing that, yes indeed, everyone has their own “Cabinet," Anne and Paul Gulley gathered various curious specimens of their own and turned a room of their house into a wunderkammer, complete with items such as an oryx skull, canine bladder stones, and a taxidermied hamster. The room has become a repository for stones, bones, taxidermy, and the stories that are an integral part of the collection. It is a celebration of the extraordinary ordinary.

Elkin is located in the Yadkin Valley wine region, which has least 15 wineries within a 10-mile radius, and is also about 35 minutes from Stone Mountain State Park—a natural wonder worthy of an Obscura Day hike. Perhaps the Cabinet of Curiosity will inspire you to go discover some of your own.

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