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Queens, New York

Visiting Elmhurst’s Indonesian Food Bazaar

The high point of the Indonesian community’s calendar is also one of the tastiest.

Join the festivities of the New York Indonesian Food Bazaar with a special guided introduction to the market, the food, and the vendors.

Every month, Indonesians from across Queens and other parts of the city converge in the social hall of Elmhurst’s historic St. James Episcopal Church for the New York Indonesian Food Bazaar, which brings together some 20 vendors offering visitors a taste of home. It’s a chance for members of the community to meet up with friends and relatives, catch up on news from Indonesia and, most importantly, stock up on dishes like Plecing Kangkung (spicy water spinach), Lemper Ayam (glutinous rice wrapped around shredded chicken), Lontong Cap Go Mek (Javanese rice cake), Sate babi (pork sate) and other essentials of the Indonesian kitchen. 

You'll be led through the market by members of Taste of Surabaya, a Queens-based catering company that is one of the driving forces behind the monthly event. This month's bazaar was organized by Culinary Backstreets and the NYIFB to coincide with Obscura Day and invite newcomers into the market.

As a bonus, visitors to the bazaar can check out St. James’ churchyard cemetery, which contains graves dating back to the 1700s and, down the block, the old church building, which was built in 1735 and is the oldest building in Elmhurst.



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