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Berkeley, California

Elsewhere Philatelic Society's Mail Carrier Training Adventure

An interactive fiction/puzzle hunt/alternate reality game adventure set in picturesque Berkeley.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a member of an elite, time-traveling, candy-loving, mail-carrying team? Are you intrigued by telephony? Join us for the Elsewhere Philatelic Society's Mail Carrier Training adventure! You'll spend the day wandering a picturesque Berkeley neighborhood, learning about the alternate history of the area via clues in the environment along with those found in your map. Call it interactive fiction, a puzzle hunt, or an Alternate Reality Game - either way, when you're finished, you'll have a brand new commemorative stamp for your collection. Your ticket price includes an essential map and an event-day helpline. 

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society (EPS) is an art collective that focuses on the drive to achieve Philatelicism (“[...] the study of the study of stamp collecting, collectors, and collections”): an amorphous mish-mash of public space reinterpretation, street art/environmental installation, publications, machine-augmented concerns, and philately. Currently EPS members are engaged in a series of training sessions to better become fully prepared mail carriers.

Important notes about this adventure:

  • Be prepared to spend 1 to 3 hours strolling around a mostly flat residential neighborhood
  • The rolling start lasts from 1 to 2pm
  • You may take until 5pm to fully complete the walk
  • You will receive a map and instructions from the nice folks at your starting location, The Escapist Comics
  • You can also call the helpline (415.214.9511) during the event
  • Comfortable shoes, cash for snacks, and a fully-charged cell phone with headphones are essential

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