Enter the Funhouse - Atlas Obscura

Echo Park, California

Enter the Funhouse

A whimsical guided tour through a miniature world of colors, rainbows, and reflections—and into the minds of its creators.

When you open the door to a seemingly ordinary house (the location of which shall be disclosed only to attendees of this extravagant experience), splayed out before you is a set of rainbow stairs. The walls are lined with Mylar foil, making the rainbow pattern painted on the stairs reflect back and forth.

As you ascend, a message in a mirror displays a kind “Welcome”—only upon further examination one realizes that the sign must be written emocleW so that its reflection can be read. This is only the beginning... 

Celebrate Obscura Day 2017 exploring the Funhouse: a world of rainbows and mirrors, the planet’s tiniest disco, a Nelson Mandela Memorial, a fully functional periscope (a very peculiar one), a wine cellar full of treasures, and a gift shop are just a few of the attractions waiting amidst a myriad of curiosities waiting to be discovered. 

Chris Hughes and Alexa Meade, the masterminds behind the Funhouse, will be our guides through this whimsically immersive journey, showing us their creation and telling us the charming story of how it came into being.


  • Extremely limited capacity.
  • Choose from 2 different start times: Early Afternoon 12:30pm–2:00pm or Late Afternoon 2:30pm–4:00pm.
  • Exact meet-up location will be emailed to attendees prior to the event.
  • Ages 12 and up. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The full Funhouse experience includes entering confined spaces, but this is not mandatory to attend the event. 


Email Siegfried Tieber at sigi.tieber@atlasobscura.com.

Advance Tickets Only. All Sales Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.

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