Excursion to Execution Rocks - Atlas Obscura
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Brooklyn, NY

Excursion to Execution Rocks

Feed your adventurous spirit with this tour and kayaking trip around a legendary island in Long Island Sound.

Celebrate Halloween early this year with a spooky outdoor adventure! Join Atlas Obscura and CLIF BAR for a day of adventure and exploration at Execution Rocks, a small, lighthouse-topped island in Long Island Sound with an eerie history and striking natural beauty that make it a must-see destination for the most adventurous of explorers. We'll spend the day experiencing the island from both land and water, diving into its storied past and sporting in its surrounding waters.

As we'll learn, Execution Rocks features heavily in the region's mythology, as the setting for both nautical legend and a murderous mystery. After a guided boat trip to the island and a special-access tour of its 19th-century lighthouse tower, we'll kayak around the rocky shores, with Spiced Pumpkin Pie CLIF BARs provided to sustain our energy. On our boat ride back to the mainland, we'll enjoy a healthy lunch with our fellow adventurers before returning to New York City with our own stories to tell.

Important Notes:

  • All participants must be 18+. Please be advised that this adventure includes a moderately rigorous kayak trip, walking, and climbing old lighthouse staircases. All attendees must be comfortable with a moderate to intense degree of physical activity.
  • Our bus will depart promptly at 9:30am from Meeker Avenue and Union Avenue in Brooklyn, underneath the BQE. Please arrive by 9:15am and leave plenty of time for travel.
  • All transportation and lunch is provided! Our bus will drop you off at the same spot in Brooklyn at the end of the day, at 4:30pm.
  • This event is rain or shine!