Join us for a Field Trip through Ballard, and discover the secrets of the salty blue-collar heart of north Seattle

Join us for a Field Trip through Ballard, the salty blue-collar heart of north Seattle. Named for the man who won the “worthless” land in a coin-flip, Ballard has proven its worth ever since...

Ballard's blue-collar legacy is hard to miss, from the Ballard Terminal Railroad to the Bergen Place mural celebrating Ballard’s Scandinavian heritage. You’ll also see the inroads being made by upward mobility and modern amenities: rock climbing gyms, farmers markets and bike trails. And we’ll make special note of the local artists, activists and eateries helping preserve Ballard’s history and unique character, from the Salty Dog Pottery Studio to the Edith Macefield House.

Chart your own route across Ballard's historic core.  Find out which esoteric philosophy is right for you at the well-hidden Seattle Metaphysical Library.  Learn the art of vodka distillation at the Old Ballard Liquor Company.  And make sure you make it to Hale's Palladium where you'll end your afternoon with balloon animals, card tricks, a circus performance and live music.

Field Trip Day is an afternoon of local discovery, challenges, unique opportunities, and hidden surprises.  Armed with the Field Trip app and your wits, your afternoon's adventure will reveal the neighborhood's secrets, from repurposed libraries to modern day apothecaries, the utility of the Locks and the whimsy of the Palladium.

DETAILS: Wear your walking shoes -- start to finish the event is around 2 miles.

START: Field Trip Day's starting location is at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (3015 54th St NW, Seattle, WA 98107) at 2pm, Sunday, Sept 15th!  This is where you will receive a starting package that will aid in your exploration of the neighborhood.  If you plan to drink at the after party we encourage you to consider parking near the Palladium and taking the bus to the Locks.

END: Your afternoon of exploration will end at Hale's Palladium (4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107) for live music, circus acts, food and shenanigans from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  First round is on us!

This is not a tour. There is no guide.  It is discovery, pure & simple.

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Field Trip Day will be best enjoyed with the Field Trip App as your virtual tour guide. Available for Android and iOS.

We will be filming this! By attending this event you acknowledge and agree to grant Atlas Obscura and Niantic the right to record, film, and photograph you participating in this event and to distribute and use said footage of you having fun!