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Belgrade, Serbia

First Public Display: Nikola Tesla's Press Clipping Album

The first viewing of an item that has never before been presented to the public.

For Obscura Day, the Tesla Museum is excited to present an item that has never before been publicly displayed.

Join us for the first public viewing of Nikola Tesla's press clipping album, taken from his own personal library. Made from leather, the album is a massive collection of newspapers and articles from the 19th century, each with a handwritten bibliographical reference inside.

Packed in 60 packages, suitcases, metal trunks and barrels, Tesla's belongings made their way to Belgrade in the early 1950s, providing the basis for the museum which today is a scientific and cultural institution is unique to Serbia and the world. Its holdings include tens of thousands of original documents, books and periodicals, historical and technical exhibits, photographs, instruments, plans and drawings.

The press clipping album, contains unique information about Tesla’s life and work, and will be on display for the first time ever. 


  • The Museum will have guided tours in English and Serbian (separately) starting on the hour. 
  • Please RSVP below for the tour. Tickets will be purchased at the museum. 



See more at the Nikola Tesla Museum website.


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