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Los Angeles, California

Fortune Teller Mouse Taxidermy Workshop

The sublime world of expressive creatures with Amber Maykut.

Join Atlas Obscura and the Oddities Flea Market for a special workshop, part of our Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts event. 

The practice of taxidermy has developed along with human kind for millennia. Take an opportunity to do a deep dive into this incredible craft and learn from a skilled professional in the field. Amber Maykut has worked and trained with some of the best and now operates her own taxidermy shop in Brooklyn, NY. She joins our workshop event with two very different sessions to choose from. 

Morning Workshop: 10 a.m.  - 1:00 p.m.

Anthropomorphic Fortune Teller Mouse - This workshop is dedicated to creating an anthropomorphic fortune teller mouse! Students will learn to mount their own mouse hands-on. All materials - including an ethically sourced specimen, professional 4.5 inch tall taxidermy mannequin form, glass eyes, black base, and fortune teller props (hat, crystal ball, ouija board, tarot cards) - will be provided for each student to leave the class with their own finished piece. Students may bring additional props for their piece if they like.

Please note: this is a mounting only class; specimens will be skinned for you prior to the class. No former taxidermy experience is required. No harsh or dangerous chemicals are used. No specimens are killed for the sake of taxidermy. 


Amber trained at Anderson's Whitetail Taxidermy School near Rochester, New York, under Bill Anderson in 2012. In New York City, John Youngaitis of Cypress Hills Taxidermy has served as a mentor of sorts. At the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Amber interned in the special exhibitions/fabrication department and studied the art of the diorama under Tom Doncourt. At Buckshot Taxidermy in Sussex, NJ, she became certified in bird and mammal taxidermy after completing training and apprenticeship under award-winning taxidermist, Mark Van Leuven, and continues working at his shop.

About the Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts Event

A series of workshops, presented by Atlas Obscura in partnership with The Oddities Flea Market, that celebrates unique artists and their passion for interesting crafts. The event is a chance to spend part or all of the day leaping into the deep end to explore your creativity in unexpected ways. In addition to taxidermy, there are workshops in cat skeleton articulation with Ryan Matthew Cohn, Victorian Mourning Hair Relics with Karen Bachmann and special Portrait Sittings with famed photographer Karen Jerzyk. 


  • Students must arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time. 
  • All materials are included as part of the workshop.
  • If you purchase tickets for two workshops then lunch is included. 


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