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New York, New York

An Explorer’s Guide to Internet Archaeology

Join Atlas Obscura and GIPHY for a journey into the deepest depths and darkest corners of the internet.

Join us during TIME_FRAMEGIPHY's week-long gallery exhibition celebrating the 30th anniversary of the GIF, for a special panelists of internet archeologists who will reveal their diverse tactics for exploring and archiving the deepest corners of the web and share their unique perspectives on wonder online.

Atlas Obscura’s mission is to help people experience a sense of wonder and curiosity in their everyday lives. Yet how do you chronicle the ephemeral digital world to inspire original discovery and navigate new terrains? We assume that once an artifact is uploaded online, it lives on forever, but in practice our digital history is under constant threat of being buried, forgotten, or deleted.

We will seek answers to this question, and more, with speakers from various edges of the digital world. Joining us will be Internet Archive archivist and curator Jason Scott , New York Art Resources Consortium Web Archiving fellow Coral Salomón, and Dark Web dweller/Motherboard staff writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai




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