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Vienna, Austria

Globe Museum: Special Guided Tour in English

Take a closer look at the exquisite and astonishing collection at the world's only public museum dedicated solely to globes.

Join a guided tour of the world’s only globe museum and discover its 250 unique terrestrial and celestial globes, such as the Gemma Frisius globe of 1536. 

This unique museum contains an astonishing collection. There are folding fabric globes (which were inflated with a bellows), man-sized globes, and tiny plum-sized globes, each exquisitely made with dark wood, fine lines, and rich colors. The brass tellurions—which mechanically demonstrate the earth's movement—are particularly captivating.


  • You must reserve your spot in order to attend (see below).
  • Tickets will be purchased on the date of the tour at the Servicedesk Palais Mollard, Herrengasse 9. Only those who have RSVPed will be able to purchase tickets for the special tour.
  • Entrance and guided tour fee costs 7 EUR per person.
  • There are only 30 spots available; RSVP by May 2nd.



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