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Obscura Society NYC: Go Directly to Jail: Trespassing & the Law

Part 2 of The Wanderlust School of Transgressive Placemaking

Bringing neglected spaces back to life and making the invisible visible has animated the work of archeologists and urban spelunkers, city planners and activists. In this four part discussion series Wanderlust explores the logistics and ethics of how to re-imagine and re-make the far side of the No Trespassing sign.

The June 11th installment will focus on what kind of trouble you can get into and what to do about it. Check out the full series.

Speakers: Wylie StecklowPatricia A. Wright

Moderated by N.D. Austin


Presented by Atlas Obscura at Acme Studios
63 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York
June 11 - Doors at 7:30, Talks at 8pm
$12 each - Advance Tickets Only - Cash Bar

Wylie Stecklow is a NYC Civil Rights Attorney. Clients include Occupy Wall Street, Global Revolution TV, Rev. Billy & Choir, Counsel in Rodriguez v. Winski suing JP Morgan Chase, Mitsudan, Brookfield, NYC, Bloomberg, and Deputy Inspector Winski for First Amendment Violations at Occupy related events.

Patricia A. Wright was a Bronx County Assistant District Attorney from 2008 to 2012. Her experience on the other side of the aisle made a valuable impact on how she thought about our legal system. Injustice comes from within the system as well as from the outside. Ms. Wright struck out on her own to address this issue and to make sure that the she could help the citizens of New York have a fair and successful shot at traversing the often complex criminal justice system. She served from 2008 to 2010 as a NYC Mentor advising young women, and as a youth leader in a United Nations NGO focused on world peace and tolerance. Her research includes studying recidivism rates of African American women in the criminal justice system and the concept of prosecutorial discretion. In addition to practicing criminal law, Ms. Wright currently practices landlord tenant law and employment discrimination, among other areas.



Wanderlust practices transgressive placemaking through adventure, intimacy and exploration. www.wanderlustprojects.com