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Greenbelt, Maryland

Discover Greenbelt's Utopian Community of Tomorrow

An Art Deco dream to some and a hotbed of radical socialism to others.

Greenbelt, Maryland is a living New Deal time capsule unlike any other. Every aspect of the planned community—from its roads and civic institutions to the type of furniture to be used in living rooms—was meticulously engineered as the healthful antidote to the squalid conditions of pre-WWII urban living.

Greenbelt was intended to be a model for other New Deal developments across the country, which would have reshaped America’s cities. However, such a bold proposal drew criticism from some in Congress who feared that Greenbelt was a dangerous experiment with socialism. To wit, in the 1950s, three beloved community members were dismissed from government jobs following House Un-American Activities Committee allegations. 

In partnership with the Greenbelt Museum, join us and field agent Elliot Carter for a unique afternoon trip through New Deal history. The event will include a walking tour of the community with the Greenbelt Museum staff and a look inside one of the carefully reconstructed 1930s residences.


  • The event will start promptly at 5:00 p.m. right outside the museum.
  • This event is somewhat accessible via public transportation. Metro's green line goes to Greenbelt station, but the museum is about 2.5 miles from the station and requires a Lyft/Uber ride since it crosses a highway. 
  • For those driving, there is abundant free parking in the lot behind the public library across the street from the museum house.
  • There will be considerable walking on this tour, so please wear good shoes and dress for the weather. 


Contact Elliot Carter at

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