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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello Clarice: Special Agent Starling Taxidermy Workshop!

Renowned New York City taxidermists Divya Anantharaman and Katie Innamorato will return to Philadelphia to provide an intimate taxidermy experience within the utterly unique Convent Philly.

In this beginners workshop, students will learn professional techniques to create their very own piece of bird taxidermy. European starlings are beautiful birds, but considered invasive due to their destruction of crops and native bird species. We will cover some of their history and anatomy, and apply this knowledge to creating finished works of taxidermy. 

This intensive class will cover everything from proper skinning, fleshing, degreasing, washing and grooming feathers, to the dynamics of  sculpting bird bodies, cleaning and wiring bones, and preserving feet. We will pay special attention to fitting forms, hidden stitches, and how to arrange feather patterns. We will discuss and use various carding techniques and drying set ups tailored to the individual poses of each bird. 

Reference photos for finished standing, sitting, and flying poses will be provided for use and inspiration in class. Students will go home with their creations and instructions for maintaining their pieces (keeping feathers clean, ideal drying set-ups, etc). It is recommended students bring a small box or bag to transport their finished pieces. 

This will be a truly one-of-a-kind experience!


A signed liability waiver is required from all attendees.


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