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Reseda, California

Homeward Bound: Pigeon Navigation

Meet a flock of homing pigeons and explore the mystery of bird navigation with the L.A. Pigeon Club.

Homing pigeons have incredible navigation abilities, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to return to home. 

Join us as we explore the phenomena of bird navigation with the L.A. Pigeon Club during a guided tour of Drew Lobenstein's private pigeon collection. Drew is a well-known pigeon geneticist and the owner of White Doves Fancy Pigeons. During our tour, he will share insights into the practice of raising and training homing pigeons and introduce us to some of his flock, which consists of over 1,000 birds including Frillbacks, Fantails, and Danzig Highflyers. Towards the end of the event we will have the opportunity to hold and release a dove and watch in amazement as they fly circles around us, performing tricks, and then finally returning to the coop on their own accord. 

Founded in 1911, the L.A. Pigeon Club is one of the oldest clubs in Southern California. Meet club members and find out how you can get involved!  


  • This event is family friendly, ages 10+.
  • We will be touring a private home in Reseda. The exact address will be emailed to attendees a few days before the tour.
  • During the tour, we will be encountering feathers and fine dust. If this is a concern for you, please bring a fine particulate filter mask to wear during the tour.
  • Please wear closed-toed shoes. High heels, sandals, and flip flops are not allowed.
  • Photography and video are allowed. We encourage you to share your photos and videos on the L.A. Pigeon Club's Facebook page.
  • The pigeons featured in the event write-up might not reflect the fancy breeds you will encounter during this event. Rest assured, there will be over 1,000 pigeons in the coops we will visit.
  • A signed and dated liability waiver is required from all attendees (includes filming consent—L.A. Pigeon Club will be recording video for their YouTube Channel). 


Email Benjamin Harmon at benjamin.harmon@atlasobscura.com.

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