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Dublin, Ireland

Hunting Stolen Books

This Obscura Day, learn about the hidden story of book theft at Ireland's oldest public library.

Marsh’s Library was founded three hundred and ten years ago. Its rare and precious books were always meant to be read in the building and were never loaned out, but over the centuries a significant number were stolen. They were just too irresistible! At an earlier time, Marsh's Library was even careful enough to lock its readers in cages—that is, so that they couldn't walk off with rare books—but many still got away.

This unique Obscura Day event will allow you to see close up some of the incredibly rare stolen books that have made their way back to Marsh's, which is still open to the public and is home to over 25,000 books dating back to the 15th century. Library staff will introduce you to the hidden story of book theft and how to recover something that might have been missing for hundreds of years.



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