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New York, New York

Immersive Cultural Cooking Exploration

Learn the secrets behind Trinidadian, Uzbek, and Lebanese cooking in a six-part series, taught by immigrants in their own neighborhoods and homes.

In a six-part series with the League of Kitchens that's part neighborhood-shopping-tour and part intimate-cooking-class, you'll gain insider knowledge of Trinidadian, Uzbek, and Lebanese cooking. Explore the international grocery stores and cuisines within New York City first hand, and improve upon your own cooking chops.

Over three sessions, you'll tour local neighborhoods and shops where our guides do their food shopping. You'll learn their personal tips and favorites, and stop for snacks along the way (included in the price of your tour) and leave with a detailed shopping guide to the instructors' favorite shops.

With this newfound knowledge of ingredients, you'll be welcomed into your guides' kitchens to experience three different cultures' techniques and dishes. Each intensive class comes inclusive of a light lunch and full dinner, hands-on cooking instruction, and a take-home booklet of recipes.

Session 1: Trinidadian Immersion with Dolly in Queens
April 1, 11-1:30pm: Shopping tour
April 15, 1-6:30pm: Cooking class immersion

Session 2: Uzbek Immersion with Damira in Brooklyn
April 30, 11-1:30pm: Shopping tour
May 14, 1-6:30pm: Cooking class immersion (vegetarian)

Session 3: Lebanese Immersion with Jeanette in Brooklyn
May 27, 11-1:30pm: Shopping tour
June 10, 1-6:30pm: Cooking class immersion (vegetarian)

Ticket price includes all 6 sessions and all food.



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