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Santa Monica, California

jAdis Props

Explore a world that lies somewhere between science and science fiction in the heart of Santa Monica.

Wandering through this small space filled with machines, levers, switch boards, dials, gears, chemistry sets, light bulbs, and flying contraptions, you may begin to wonder, "what exactly is this place?" 

Join Atlas Obscura and Field Agent Benjamin Harmon as we explore jAdis, a legendary prop house and a true cabinet of curiosity since 1976. During this exclusive tour, we'll learn about the history of jAdis and it’s creator Parke Meek, led by Susan Lieberman (Meek’s partner). Many of the aviation machines and gears which are normally off, will be turned on, as well as the Wimshurst machine—an electrostatic generator. At the end of our tour, you will receive a small memento of intrigue to take home with you. 

jAdis props have been featured in the films of Charles and Ray Eames and movies such as Batman and Robin, Waterworld, Mystery Men, Van Helsing,  X-Files, and The Artist. For more information, check out this short documentary on Parke Meek and jAdis.

Extremely limited capacity. Tours will be offered at 10 AM, 11 AM, and 12 PM.

Notes for this adventure:

Metered street parking is available out front/nearby.

Expect to be standing for 45 minutes. Wear comfy shoes. 

Photography is NOT allowed inside the shop. Photographs from the outside/of the exterior are permitted.

Again, be sure to bring some $ for souvenirs. 

Questions? Email Field Benjamin Harmon: benjamin.harmon@atlasobscura.com

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.