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Akron, Ohio

John Brown Monument Tour

Learn more about the famed abolitionist on this special tour led by the Akron Zoo and Summit County Historical Society.

On Obscura Day, take a special-access, historical tour to a unique local monument.

The John Brown Monument was placed on the hillside overlooking the City of Akron during a public ceremony organized by the German-America club in 1910. On land where Brown once shepherded a herd of Merino Saxony sheep for Col. Simon Perkins, this rugged terrain, currently not open to the general public, makes for an interesting hike that also features monuments to local women on plaques attached to large boulders. Join staff of the Akron Zoo and Summit County Historical Society to learn more about the famed abolitionist who gave his life to end slavery in the United States and to whom many historians credit as the spark that started the Civil War.


  • The tour begins at 9am.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • The monument is normally closed to the public; this is a special Obscura Day opportunity.



Advance tickets only. All Sales Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.

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