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Easton, Pennsylvania

Learning From the Lenape Nation

Visit Pennsylvania's Lenape Cultural Center for a curator-led, exhibit walk-through and discussion of Lenape culture with a council member.

The Lenape are the indigenous people that populated parts of current day New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia region. Easton's Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania is one of the institutions in the region 'dedicated to increasing awareness of Lenape history and culture.' 

Adam DePaul, Council Member of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and Curator of the Lenape Cultural Center will provide us with a lecture that provides historical background on the Lenape.

After the talk, DePaul will give us a curator led exhibition of Fulfilling a Prophecy: The Past and Present of Lenape in Pennsylvanina, a unique, long running exhibit about preservation of Lenape heritage in the region. 


  • The cultural center is in the basement of a historic building only accessible by stairs.
  • Both the center and group will be small allowing a good portion of our visit to be discussion based.


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