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Detroit, Michigan

Art in the Lincoln Motor Car Factory

Step inside Make Art Work, an industrial art center housed in the original Lincoln Motor Car Factory in Detroit.

Make Art Work will give you an inside look at the massive street and industrial art center housed in the original Lincoln Motor Car Factory in Detroit. Make Art Work is a unique art collective that attempts to solve complex societal problems by using art and participation as a mechanism to create local ownership and long-term systemic change.

The tour will be led by Matthew Naimi, founder of Make Art Work, who will discuss the history of the building and lead attendees through Recycle Here!, the City of Detroit's Recycling Center, the Lincoln Street Art Park, and the Studio of Detroitus, Artist-in-Residence Ryan C. Doyle's machine art shop (mechanical, fire-breathing sculptures built from scrap metal). Attendees will also get an in-process view of Artist-in-Residence Louise Chen's multi-room installation for the upcoming Art and Amble Art Dinner. Finally, attendees will see the awesome firepower of some of Make Art Work's flamethrowers and fire cannons by Captain Josh Bacon.

Atlas Obscura is thrilled to partner with Cartwheel Art for this immersive, urban exploration. Cartwheel Art’s founder Cindy Schwarzstein has deep connections with the art community that extend worldwide. Her team of passionate insiders, experts, makers, and artists design experiences that engage the community while exploring the historic, hidden, and emerging forms of expression, deeply rooted in neighborhoods around the world. 


  • Dress for the weather and wear sensible shoes, as this tour will take you inside, outside and possibly in the mud.
  • Bring your Camera! #AtlasObscura #CartwheelArt
  • A signed liability waiver will be required from all attendees.


Contact Cindy Schwarzstein at

Advance Tickets Only. All Sales Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.

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