Tesla and Neon at Lite Brite Neon Studio - Atlas Obscura

Brooklyn, New York

Tesla and Neon at Lite Brite Neon Studio

Shine a light on Nikola Tesla's impact on neon and contemporary sign making today, set inside the technicolor carnival of Lite Brite Studios.

Did you know that one of Nikola Tesla's many bright ideas was one of the first neon signs? Lighting experts from Lite Brite will reveal Tesla's early impact and under-sung involvement on neon sign making with a talk inside their Brooklyn neon and lighting shop. After you're properly enlightened about the history of neon, you'll have an exciting opportunity to see how it works today.

Tour the multi-colored studio to see the modern application of Tesla's technology in the contemporary neon signs that grace the windows of Bergdorf Goodman's and Tiffany & Co. come from this studio in Brooklyn. In addition to creating new pieces, Lite Brite also helps institutions preserve and restore their own older, often historic neon signs, which last 15 years on average, but have been known to glow longer. The experts of Lite Brite will also include a live demonstration of neon sign making that's sure to stun.


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