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Los Angeles, California

The Kingdom of Charles F. Lummis

Explore a miniature castle made of river rock at the edge of the Arroyo Seco.

Step inside the humble kingdom of Charles F. Lummis—journalist, photographer, historian, collector, librarian, amateur archeologist, preservationist, and craftsman. 

In 1884, 26-year-old journalist Charles F. Lummis walked over 2,000 miles from his home in Ohio to California to start a new job as City Editor of the Los Angeles Times. After his Tramp Across the Continent, he settled into his new environment and set out to build his dream home, El Alisal, known today as The Lummis House

Join us for a guided tour of The Lummis House with docent and LA historian, Christian Rodriguez. Highlights of this incredible construction include a tower constructed from boulders, windows fused with photographs, old utility poles used as beams, and Lummis himself interred in the wall. Every door, table, and chair has a story to tell. 


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