Masonic Mysteries and Secret Societies: An Atlas Obscura Cocktail Gala - Atlas Obscura

New York, New York

Masonic Mysteries and Secret Societies: An Atlas Obscura Cocktail Gala

Join us for a night of revelries as we celebrate the rites, rituals and hidden symbolism of history's most veiled organizations

The New York Obscura Society cordially invites you to spend an exclusive evening within the elaborate Renaissance Room of the Grand Masonic Lodge of New York, typically accessible exclusively to the initiated Mason.

We'll be featuring an open bar of cocktails historically rooted in members-only clubs and designed by Orr Shtuhl, author Mitch Horowitz, expert in all things occult and esoteric, a fascinating collection of Masonic antiques from Denny Daniel's Museum of Interesting Things and the 1930's jazz stylings of the Hot Club of Flatbush.  Come spend an evening delving into the mysterious with us; you may just find yourself inducted into our very own Obscura Society at this exclusive convocation.

Cocktail attire and vintage wear is encouraged; as are the inquisitive-minded.

This event is strictly 21+

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  • Friday, January 31, 7:00- 10:30PM
  • Tickets: $75. Ticket price includes admission as well as open bar
  • Check-in will be within the Grand Lodge located at 46-54 West 24th Street, New York, NY.  The street address is unmarked, look for the Masonic Hall crest upon the glass doors. We will greet you inside.
  • This event is 21+, please bring your I.D.