Microbes, Masters of Reproduction: Micropia Lab Talk - Atlas Obscura

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Microbes, Masters of Reproduction: Micropia Lab Talk

Learn about the intricacies of reproduction from a lab technician at the world's first zoo for microbes.

It’s spring, time to reproduce! And time for a visit to the world's first zoo for microbes.

Come explore microscopic, microbial science at ARTIS-Micropia, where the lab technician will elaborate on the fascinating and complex subject of reproduction—after all, microbes are masters in reproducing. They do it at faster speeds and in more numerous ways than you can even imagine. Want to witness a live birth? Or are you curious how many eggs a water bear can produce? Find out on Obscura Day during this special lab talk.


  • The lab talks take place at 1 pm and 4 pm.
  • Location: ARTIS-Micropia’s laboratory
  • Purchase tickets here; €14 for ages 10 years+ and €10 for ages 3–9.


Contact Communicatie@artis.nl.

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