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Denver, Colorado

Murderers and Miniatures

A behind-the-scenes tour of cannibalism and miniatures in Denver.

Join Atlas Obscura for a behind-the-scenes tour of two historic sites in Denver.
Murderers: First, we'll head to the History of Colorado Center for a private collections tour of items not available to the public. The showpiece will be the revolver of Alfred Packer, the infamous Colorado Cannibal who is buried in Littleton Cemetery. His gun is the only remaining clue to the legend of 21 men who left Breckenridge in search of gold, while only Packer returned. He was convicted of murder and cannibalism and sentenced to forty years of imprisonment. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the famous Coloradan creators of South Park, created a musical re-imagining of Packer’s story titled, Cannibal! The Musical.

Miniatures: Next, we'll travel a short distance to the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys, where the director of the museum will provide an introduction to the Japanese dolls, fully furnished miniature houses, miniature trains and planes, a miniature circus, antique dolls, artisan miniatures, and much more. On special exhibition is a collection of every Star Wars figurine from the original toy runs. 


  •  All sites are handicapped accessible. 
  •  Please wear comfortable shoes and attire.


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