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Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Scenery and Stones of Mount Auburn Cemetery

Behold this peaceful Massachusetts graveyard, one of the first "garden-style" cemeteries in America, in a 1.5-mile tour.

Stroll through Mount Auburn in this 90-minute walking tour of one of the country’s most significant designed landscapes. Discover the stories of history, monuments, and the lives of those buried here.

Founded in 1831 and designated a National Historic Landmark, Mount Auburn Cemetery stands in stark contrast to the surrounding Colonial-era graveyards, like Granary and Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in Boston. Easily within walking distance of the cacophony of Harvard Square, Mt. Auburn affords a surprising sanctuary where the arts of horticulture, architecture, and sculpture combine with the beauty of nature to create a place of comfort and inspiration. The cemetery, a site protected by the NPS, also serves an arboretum, a bird sanctuary, and a safe habitat for wildlife. 


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