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Mexico City, Mexico

Full-Day Art, Archaeology, and Outdoor Adventure

A volcano on the edge of Mexico City, a picnic lunch catered by local farmers featuring live music, and unique displays of art and archaeology await you this Obscura Day.

Join Museo Tamayo to celebrate Obscura Day with an exciting, all-day exploration of art, archaeology, and the outdoors, including visits to Xico and Paraje Santa Rosa. There will even be a performance by one of Mexico's great drummers, Milo Tamez, who will be debuting a solo piece dedicated to the volcanoes of the Valley of Mexico during the picnic.

The day will begin with a guided tour of the museum's Claudia Fernandez exhibition, followed by a trip, by bus, to the Xico Community Museum. This museum is run by community volunteers, and is located next to the (inactive) Volcano Xico in the municipality of Valle de Chalco on the edge of the greater Mexico City area. We will be able to view the collection of pre-Hispanic pieces found during the construction of the vast irregular neighborhoods encroaching upon the volcano. 

According to legend, the gates to the Aztec underworld Mictlan can be found in the Xico volcano, where Quetzalcotal changed into a red ant to steal the maize seed for the betterment of humanity.

The Paraje Santa Rosa is also where Fidel Castro and Che Guevara trained before leaving Mexico City to undertake the Cuban Revolution. It is on the foothills of the mountains to the south of the city with views of the volcanoes dotting the city’s southern edge. It is currently private property, making this visit a special opportunity for visitors. In Paraje Santa Rosa, a local student of archeology will explain some of the pieces he has found under his house and give the visitors an opportunity to handle the pieces. 

We will all enjoy a picnic lunch catered by farmers from Chalco with local products. The lunch will also include a live concert. Chalco was the source of supplies for the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan and the local varieties of corn are the varieties eaten by the Aztec emperors. These varieties of maize are now almost exclusively found in Chalco. 

Following lunch, the concert, and archaeological observations, we will all head back to Museo Tamayo after a day filled with discovery!


  • We will begin and end at Museo Tamayo.
  • The tour will be conducted in Spanish, but your guide also speaks English and Dutch.
  • Your ticket cost includes all bus transportation, museum entries, a picnic lunch catered by farmers from Chalco with local products, and a live concert during lunch.


  • 10.00: Guided tour of Claudia Fernandez exhibition in Museo Tamayo
  • 11.00: Departure for Xico Volcano
  • 12.15: Arrive at Xico Community Museum
  • 12.15–14.15pm: Visit Xico Community Museum and the crater of the Xico Volcano
  • 14.15: Departure for Paraje Santa Rosa
  • 14.45–16.45: Paraje Santa Rosa/locavore picnic/archeological display/concert
  • 16.45: Departure for the Museo Tamayo
  • 18:00: Return to Museo Tamayo 


Contact Tao Tao at taotao.holmes@atlasobscura.com.

If you are unable to reserve online, you can also pay in cash upon arrival on Saturday morning!

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