Music in the Mausoleum - Atlas Obscura

Oslo, Norway

Music in the Mausoleum

Join us for several very special concerts at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum and Mausoleum—and experience the magical 14-second reverb.

Dubbed Oslo's "best-kept secret" by locals, the Emanuel Vigeland Museum doubles as Vigeland's personal mausoleum, designed and decorated by the artist himself. 

The building is entered by stooping through a heavy, low iron door. Inside, a large, darkened barrel-vaulted room is completely covered with paintings that show human life from conception to death in explicitly erotic scenes. The 800-square-meter fresco took Vigeland 20 years to finish. Entering the mausoleum is a solemn, even haunting, experience. Even the smallest footstep echoes across the barrel-vaulted ceiling for up to 14 seconds. Your eyes will slowly get used to the dark, revealing the room's painted walls.

Join us on Obscura Day to experience the magical 14-second reverb during a special mini-concert within Vigeland's dark tomb, featuring KlangBang. Klangbang is a sonic duo consisting of Martin Kvale and Lasse Kuhlmann who explore deep and slow musical movements together. Join them in a special mini-concert tailored for the unique acoustics of the mausoleum.

This event is sold out; feel free to add your name to the waitlist.


  • Concert times: Saturday, May the 6th,  at 12pm, 1 pm, and 2 pm.
  • When you RSVP, be sure to choose a time slot.
  • There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person.
  • The concert is FREE, but capacity is limited. Please be sure to RSVP!



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