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New York Academy of Medicine's Rare Book Room: Women and Medicine

Discover the fascinating history of women's health issues, medicine, and midwifery through an after-hours exploration of the Rare Book Room's incredible collection.

Inside the privacy of the library, we’ll gather around to explore highlights from the New York Academy of Medicine’s rich collections of women’s medicine and midwifery. The Academy’s books are full of secret treasures: see what we discover about the changing attitudes towards women’s bodies over time.

Among the fallacies perpetuated in early modern midwifery texts are the suggestions that a baby born in the seventh month was more likely to survive than a baby born in the eighth month, that the vigor of male babies made them easier to deliver than female babies, and that eating fruit would delay labor. By the 1750s, early European illustrated anatomies began to depict the female skeleton, as part of a broader discussion of gender and society. 

In this three-part series of Wednesday evening sessions throughout 2017, we'll explore The New York Academy of Medicine's collections in the intimate after-hours setting of its beautiful rare book room, guided by two of its stewards.

Join us for one, or all three of the sessions.  



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