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Obscura Society NY: Chipmunk Taxidermy Workshop

Learn the principles and techniques of contemporary ethically-sourced taxidermy practice, as you complete your own beautiful piece of taxidermy.

Join taxidermist Katie Innamorato of Afterlife Anatomy for an intensive workshop perfect for beginners and taxidermy enthusiasts! You'll work to create your own piece of beautiful taxidermy, while learning all of the essential techniques and processes behind the age-old and evermore popular craft. Katie's practice is ethical, highly-skilled, and creative. 

This workshop will introduce students to basic small mammal taxidermy processes. Each student will be provided with his or her own chipmunk, which they will skin, flesh, preserve, split, and prep for mounting. Students will be using custom forms created for the main sections of the bodies. Then they will use the carcass for reference and build limbs and further fine tune the forms. Students are encouraged to bring in any props they may want to dress the animal up in.

All specimens, materials, and tools will be provided and each participant will leave with his or her own beautiful finished mount.



At Court Tree Collective (371 Court St., 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY)
Sunday, September 25th from 1pm- 6pm

Katie Innamorato is a professionally trained taxidermy artist that teaches all over the United States. She has teamed up with The Field Museum for an educational video on The Brain Scoop, taught classes for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and worked with the SVA in NYC for some classes as well. She has been featured on the TV show "Oddities," displayed pieces at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, and profiled in the book Taxidermy Art. She has also been awarded ribbons at state and world level professional taxidermy competitions.

*An important note regarding animal sourcing*

We make every effort to practice the most ethical approach to the long-historied art of taxidermy. Nothing is ever killed for the work or classes taught by Katie. The red foxes and other animals used in her workshops are sourced through roadkill when legal, abatement or nuissance removals, and scraps from other taxidermists.