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Obscura Society NY: Day of the Dead Interactive Dinner Performance

A celebration of life to honor death, through a participatory evening of food, art, and tradition.

Join Obscura Society members, friends, family, and artists from Mexico and Mexican heritage for an interactive dinner performance to honor the deceased through a celebration of life.

The Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, has roots in the indigenous practices of Mesoamerica, mixed with the Catholic faith introduced by the Spanish conquistadors. This celebration’s dramatic rituals are a reflection of the unique blend of cultural contributions at the heart of this holiday. This syncretic celebration is a rich sensory experience filled with food and folklore. This year, at De-Construkt Projekts, artists from Mexico and Mexican heritage share their connections to the holiday and invite visitors to experience the deeper meaning of Day of the Dead beyond the vivid exotic imagery that has recently become popularized in American culture.

The dinner invites visitors to immerse themselves in the sounds, smells, and tastes of this Mexican tradition through the cross-cultural perspective of artist Jackie Danziger. In this performative celebration of memory, personal history and food, Jackie welcomes the public to join in the preparation and celebration of her intimate family tradition. Attendees can arrive early to participate in a theatrical cooking class where they will prepare 200+ tamales which will be served during the evening festivities. Guests are invited to bring images and objects for a communal altar which will be created throughout the day, the altar will include digital projections of deceased, submitted by the public in advance of the performance. (Submit your piece for the digital altar here.)

After dinner and before sweet breads, journey into the mythological Aztec underworld with performance artist Polina Porras. Her "Journey to Mictlan: Expanded" is a multi-media and kaleidoscopic storytelling experience that brings three previous artworks into one. This story tells of a journey into Mictlan - the land of the dead; including a list of what and who to take with you, the dangerous dangers along the way (and how to fight them), who will greet you at Mictlan's door and the yearly return to earth to celebrate Day of the Dead with the living souls.

The evening will include the presentation of works by Mexican video artist Karla Carballar on the shades of ritual, loss, and rebirth in everyday life, as well as conversation and documentation from the New York City-based Mexican businesses from which the bounty of our dinner was harvested. Talk and tasting from Miguel at Salsa Pistolero!



November 1st, 2015

at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] in Red Hook, Brooklyn (41 Seabring Street, 3rd floor)

Dinner and presentations at 5pm

Cooking participatory performance begins at 3pm

$15 adults / $5 children

Dinner will be prepared and served as part of the performance. BYOB!

Questions? Email rebecca.posner@atlasobscura.com


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