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Obscura Society NY: "Cosmogony" Equinox Party

Connect with your wild nature at this performance and shamanic dance party celebrating the vernal equinox.

As the Earth reaches the one quarter mark of its full rotation around the Sun and our days again become filled with life, let us join together to celebrate. Connect to the ancient, wild human inside of you at this unique seasonal event:  part lecture, part immersive performance, part shamanic journey.

Inspired by belief systems of the ancient world, “Cosmogony” Equinox Ceremony and Celebration is presented as part of The Wheel of the Year, a series based around the equinox days, solstice days, and the cross quarter holidays, timed to coincide with traditional feast days. Gain a deep understanding of the ancient calendrical significance of the Equinox through lecture presented by astrologer and performance artist Nate Speare, and take part in an immersive, site-specific performance, produced by Samadhi Arts. The participatory performance, which is part of a series exploring the archetype of the Trickster in world myth as a figure of primordial creation, evokes cycles of death and rebirth via sound, movement, storytelling and projection design.

Throughout the evening, enjoy cocktails made with local, seasonal ingredients and engage in the Springtime ritual of seed-planting through interactive installations designed by Mallory Lance of Ravenous Craft.

“Cosmogony” Equinox Ceremony and Celebration  is presented alongside the "Through the Pagan Wheel" Vernal Equinox Dinner at De-Construkt Projekts in Red Hook.




Sunday, March 20th 8pm - 11pm

at De-Costrukt Projekts, Red Hook

41 Seabring Street, Brooklyn, NY

Cash bar.


Questions? Contact rebecca.posner@atlasobscura.com.

All ticket sales are final.