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New York, New York

Inside the Holographer's Laboratory

Behind the scenes at master holographer Jason Sapan's labyrinthine laser laboratory

Join us at Holographic Studios Inc., the world's oldest holography gallery, for an in-depth tour of the collection and a very special opportunity to observe how holograms are made.

One of the original holography pioneers, Jason Sapan demonstrated the craft at the very first public exhibition of holography in America in 1968, produced by Bell Laboratories for Time Inc.  Sapan spent years working as the portrait holographer for the Museum of Holography, commissioned to create portraits of a wide range of celebrities.  Andy Warhol, President Bill Clinton and Isaac Asimov have all posed for his holographic images of their likeness.  Sapan has owned and operated Holographic Studios for nearly four decades, creating all manner of holograms in his basement laser laboratory and gathering quite an impressive collection, kept on display in the storefront gallery.  

Just as we turn the bend into the spookier side of October, New York's Atlas Obscura Society will be joining Sapan at the Holographic Studios for a very special guided tour of the method behind the magic.  Starting with a walk through the collection, we'll have the opportunity to engage with eerily lifelike holographic sculptures, motion image and cylindrical holograms, computer generated holographic images and multi-channel holograms that change when passed. Our visit will culminate with a trip down to Sapan's subterranean laser laboratory for a demonstration on holography and a very special chance to actually observe laser physics in action.



Saturday, October 22nd 11am-12:30pm
Tickets: $28
Holographic Studios is located at 240 East 26th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.
Please arrive on time, our tour will begin promptly at 11am.