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Obscura Society NY: Oracle of Dreams at Catland Books

a monthly reading salon and lecture series for the mystically inquisitive...

The New York Obscura Society joins Catland Books, the Bushwick haven of esoterica and practical occultism, in presenting a monthly divination salon for those with a curiosity about card-reading and other mystical practices.

On the first Sunday of each month, the Oracle of Dreams salon allows visitors to learn more about divination practices and receive readings from a variety of professionals, including astrologers, Tarot readers, and other cardomancers. Each salon begins with a lecture by an expert on a historical, theoretical, or practical aspect of one divination form.  Then, attendees are invited to visit the readers of their choice. Your $10 ticket gets you admission to the lecture, wine reception, and access to the salon of readers. You name your price, starting at $5, for each reading. 

On Sunday, February 7th, Tarot reader and Catland co-owner Brian Oaster will discuss the history and functional theories of Tarot. Learn about the roots and function of Tarot, then visit the readers to experience its application through a personal reading.




Sunday, February 7th

Lecture begins at 1pm, readings available until 8pm.

at Catland Books


All ticket sales are final.