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New York

NY Obscura Society: "Printed Rivals" a 19th-century Murder Mystery Adventure

Immerse yourself in the intrigue of NYC journalistic history on this one-of-a-kind true crime adventure.

Step back into the 1890s and join the crack reporting teams of the great newsmen rivals Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. Before their names were legendary they were the owners of two New York City papers that redefined journalism and created the 24-hour news cycle long before the dawn of television. In 1897, their fiercely competitive coverage of a shocking New York murder fed an explosion of tabloid journalism that eventually helped to solve the scandalous crime.

On this immersive journey through NYC history, you'll join other obscura-seekers to experience the birth of yellow journalism and work together to solve the murder case that sparked a tabloid war. Participants will be divided into teams and given authentic clues that will lead them through a historical exploration of the city to the conclusion of this historic case. We will finish our adventure by sharing libations and tales of the trial at a special, secret location near the courthouse where the historic deliberations occurred. 

A one-of-a-kind Obscura Society adventure--not to be missed!


Questions?  Email michelle.bruenn@atlasobscura.com

*This adventure will require some walking and be sure to bring your Metrocard! Meet at the statue of Benjamin Franklin.*