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Vladimir Putin: Beyond Good and Evil

Join us for an exploration of the stories and hidden history of Russia's controversial leader—the first of two talks on the untold history and contemporary realities of Russia.

Russia is a land of magic and wonder, with more than a thousand years' history that reads like the most unlikely of fairy tales. Straddling Europe and Asia, with its scarce and incredibly diverse population, nearly one-sixth of the dry land on Planet Earth transforms constantly to remain itself. Ruled by oligarchs, spies and monarchs - allegories that keep being reborn in one form or another. In the first of a pair of talks, resident Russia expert, host of Understand Russia Daniel Veksler presents the life and career of Russia's current hybrid monarch Vladimir Putin, set in the context of late-Soviet and post-Soviet history.





 In the cavernous book basement of Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

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