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Obscura Society NY: Santeria Workshop at Original Products Botanica

Learn the history and practices of Santeria at this hands-on workshop, hosted by one of the largest and oldest botánica product shops in the city.

The New York tri-state area is home to one of the largest Afro-Caribbean populations in the USA and possibly the world. Not surprisingly, places like Union City and the Bronx are home to a vibrant santero community. Practitioners of Santeria, the Afro-Caribbean religion based in Yoruba beliefs and infused with elements of Roman Catholicism, have called New York City home since the early 20th century.

Join other Obscura Society members on November 7th at the Original Products Botanica shop and wholesaler.  The shop, established in 1959, remains one of the oldest and largest Santeria shops in New York City. The two-hour class will consist of a brief history of Santeria and a practical hand-on class lead by resident spiritual counselor Chris Ochun.

Afterwards, browse the shop which is filled with hundreds of Santeria tools and icons, and find out why this is considered an important community center in the New York Santero community.