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Obscura Society NY: The Sinister Side of The Beatles--the underbelly of the phenomenon

Hear the true, oft-concealed stories of death and darkness that haunt the history of the Fab Four.

The members of the Beatles were born in a rough northern seaport in the midst of World War II. They were raised among its rubble in a drab, Socialist England that was already tired and weathered by its long and bloody history, and now forced to reinvent itself as the only remaining representative of a bygone world order, in a world where the archaic pageantry on which its sense of identity largely depended looked increasingly silly. They came of age in a post-war environment of corruption, intimidation and alleyway deals. In this environment, they achieved unheard of success at a ridiculously young age. The cultural effect the phenomenon called ‘the Beatles’ had on the entire world two decades after the War, whose repercussions - both positive and negative - would reach as far as all the way across the Iron Curtain, could be likened, at least in transformative power, to an aftershock of the Atomic Bomb. 

Though two of them are still alive, the group have long taken their seats at the center of the mythological pantheon of the 20th Century and their real lives are disappearing from memory along with the past in which they are eternally embedded. Composer, Beatles expert and rogue historian Dan Veksler will discuss the mysterious and sinister sides of the lives of the Beatles and their circle, and elucidate some of the lesser-known stories from the underbelly of the icons’ realities. Some discussion of the group’s methods of making music will also take place.

NOTE: This talk is not speculative but factual, and is in no way connected to any theories of the Beatles’ associations with the Illuminati, the Paul is Dead Hoax, or anything of the kind. 



Sunday, January 31st at 7pm

in the basement of Unnameable Books

Bring your own beer, pint, bottle of wine...

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