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Obscura Talk NY: Why Mind-Power Metaphysics Work

A lecture by the celebrated occult historian and author Mitch Horowitz on the power thought throughout occult history and within our lives.

For ages, seekers and scientists have wondered if thinking something makes it so. That question has taken on urgent new relevance as an onrush of findings in placebo studies, neuroplasticity, psychical research, quantum mechanics, and centuries of personal experimentation and testimony are redefining what it means to be human today as much as Darwinism challenged humanity’s self-conception in the Victorian era.

Join PEN Award-winning historian and Occult America author Mitch Horowitz for a defiantly experimental, intellectually tough but also earnest and practical consideration of how and why your thoughts influence reality.

Exploring themes from his acclaimed book One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life (“A tour de force” –Washington Times, “Spellbinding”–Publishers Weekly), Mitch considers the consequences and limits of thought, distills the finest insights from the mind-metaphysics tradition, and provides real (and mysterious) techniques that can genuinely change a life.


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