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NY Obscura Talk: “Tarot: The Poetics of Imaginary Solutions”

Discover the logic and linguistics of the mostly widely practiced occult card divination tradition from poet Enrique Enriquez.

We shuffle a tarot pack to regain the gift of laughter, so the future can trump the past, so the laws of life can be countered. Laughing madly while doing so would be overkill, an evidence of the negation of time in which things will no longer move irretrievably towards their end, but they will attract each other by the gravitational pull of their erotic substance.

In this lecture, Enrique Enriquez analyzes the tarot system through his own poetic method of logical and linguistic interpretation. The strategy will consist on describing the concrete reality of tarot images, and the concrete reality of the words we use to describe the tarot. We will define the experience of looking at tarot cards as a continuation of the absurdist tradition François Rabelais milked from medieval folklore and Alfred Jarry actualized towards Modernity.

The tarot becomes thus a reminder of the mirror we all carry between our legs, its invisibility jealously guarded in a ninety-degree angle.




Unnameable Books - 600 Vanderbilt Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

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