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Obscura Society NY: Weird Lexington Avenue

Take a walk up the strange and wonderful trail of history along Manhattan's east side.

Who were ‘the Bachelors’ and why do people think Washington Irving lived in their house? Where did Oscar Wilde stay in New York? Why did the members of Tammany Hall spend so much time at a flower shop throughout Prohibition? Whose head is on Lincoln’s body? How did Chester Arthur take the oath of office in his pajamas?

All of these questions will be answered, surprises revealed and much more learned, on this walking tour up Lexington Avenue with rogue historian Dan Veksler, of Other World Tours. Other stops include: the farm house that has stood since Manhattan was a rural area of gently rolling hills and gurgling brooks; the United States’ smallest historic district; the club started by John Wilkes Booth’s brother; a forgotten American hero’s grave in plain sight; and much more. Veksler will point out the deep traces of the city’s historic transformation over two centuries and discuss hidden patterns in the city’s history. The tour will end with optional oyster shooters in the Grand Central Oyster Bar. 


Sunday, January 24th, 1pm-3pm

Meeting Place: Union Square East & 17th Street (in front of the New York Film Academy)

$30 (oyster shooters not included in price)

Rain or shine. Be prepared to do some walking!

All ticket sales are final.