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Obscura Society NY: "Wild Cosmos" Baroque Salon

Experience a rare exploration into the intricate world of Baroque music, with an immersive evening of art, music, and lecture at this re-imagining of the 400-year old harpsichord salon with a contemporary twist.

Come for an evening of cosmic wonder, musical exquisiteness, and a one-of-a-kind immersive performance experience.

"Baroque" literally means irregular pearl, and is different than all other forms of classical music. After six hundred years of art created for intellect, the Baroque period made art for the senses. Between 1600 – 1750 philosophers and composers began to believe that music, mathematics and science all possessed cosmic relationships.

Much like jazz and rock, baroque music has a free and theatrical form, which is quite different than most people’s perception of classical music. During the 17th century, instruments and sound were still being explored in a very experimental way. Not often heard, Baroque instruments are wild  and fascinating versions of our familiar modern-day instruments. The oft overlooked jewel of music history, Baroque music is one of the most diverse and unique developments to have occurred in western music.

Join the New York Obscura Society as we reimagine a 400-year-old tradition with a Baroque Harpsichord Salon. We're bringing a harpsichord and other authentic period instruments, along with classical and contemporary performers into the glorious San Damiano Mission for a unique immersion into a world of cosmic beauty. Part lecture, part concert and part nightlife art party, this evening will bring the wildness, experimentation, and mathematical exquisiteness of the Baroque period to vivid life. 

Come, sip a cocktail, witness breath-taking performance, and immerse your senses in the wild cosmology of Baroque music! Period costume is highly encouraged!

$30 Early Bird (until September 15th)

$40 Regular Admission