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Prague, Czech Republic

Obscura Day 2015: After Dark at the Hrdlička Museum of Man

Join us for an after-hours exploration of the Hrdlička Museum of Man!

The Hrdlička Museum of Man (Charles University Prague) is a collection of human and non-human primate skulls, hair samples, mummies (and heads of mummies) from Egypt, as well as unintentionally mummified human remains, all meant to instruct and inform about human diversity and evolution.

The museum was founded by two noted anthropologists, Ales Hrdlička, who famously developed the theory that humans colonized North America by crossing from Asia via the Bering Strait (a theory he supported with evidence from skeletal remains, many of which are included in the museum), and Jindřich Matiegka, Hrdlička's co-explorer and the chair of anthropology at the Charles University.

This Obscura Day, the Hrdlička Museum of Man has invited us to visit their fascinating collection at night. Explore the dark corners of the museum with your own torchlight or listen to one of the guides who will be taking us through selected parts of the exhibit. And don't forget, strange things happen in museums after dark...

Saturday, May 30;  9:00 - 11:00pm
Ticket Cost: 80 CZK (~$3.25 US)
The Hrdlička Museum of Man
7 Viničná, Prague, Czech Republic