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Bristol, Rhode Island

Obscura Day 2015: An Evening at Musée Patamécanique

Join us for a very special evening exploration of a secret, hidden Wunderkammer

Secretly located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Musée Patamécanique is part of the culture of the Wunderkammer - or the Cabinets of Curiosities - and is rumored to open its doors to friends, colleagues and the occasional curiosity seeker from early spring to late fall.

The museum does not offer much in the way of highbrow objects d’art - nor are the exhibits that fill its halls presented with the intention to explain or to simplify anything. A tour of le Musée has been said to resemble a "two bit phantasmagoria show,” an "exhibition of bachelor machines” and an "intellectual hall of mirrors."

Still others say that Musée Patamécanique does not exist!

They say the museum is nothing more than elaborate hoax concocted by an enigma of puerile Pataphysicians and that any attempt to seek it out will be a total waste of time.

However, if you are one who is intrigued not so much by what is, but by what might be, or ever found yourself wondering what it would be like to visit a museum which can be, and perhaps should be, envisaged in the place of the traditional one...

Well then, maybe there is something here for you...

Saturday, May 30
There will be three secret excursions to le Musée, taking place at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm
Each excursion lasts ~between 70 and 90 minutes
Instructions for meet-up will follow - make sure to register with a valid email!
Tickets: $22