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Chicago, Illinois

Obscura Day 2015: Explore the Busy Beaver Button Company

Busy Beaver is the button maker to the world. Now you can see just how they do it.

Busy Beaver's twenty years have been filled with innovation, creativity and many, many buttons. 

Busy Beaver Button Company is a working factory in the heart of Chicago, IL. In twenty years, they've gone from one person working in her college apartment to a factory with fifteen employees and the production of over 60,000 designs and literally millions of buttons. 

The factory is solar powered. In the summer, cooling is accomplished using a geothermal heat pump. In the winter, the pump reverses and heats the place as well. All steel used is recycled. 

Join us as we tour the factory and pay a visit to the button museum as well, where you'll be able to see more than 9,000 historical buttons. 



May 30, 2015
3:00-4:30 (approx.)
Cost: Free; but space is limited. Please remember to RSVP!

There is street parking, and bus 73 stops right in front.